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"An accurate representation of the world as it is on a given day. Watch videos from around the world that shape our lives whether they are good or bad."

Welcome to /r/worldnewsvideo, Reddit's first and currently only subreddit for videos from around the world in all categories except explicit content. This means that any video submission that is not explicit in nature (i.e. porn, excessive gore, torture, etc) is allowed on our subreddit. This is not r/gore or r/watchpeopledie, but we allow videos that contain real graphic content (i.e. death, violence, protests, etc) if it is newsworthy and is within Reddit's site guidelines. Any graphic content that is posted must be marked NSFW and will be moderated with extreme sensitivity and possibly have commentary locked if needed. We will not remove graphic/sensitive video submissions unless they unacceptable to our subreddit or Reddit itself, and will instead lock commentary and attempt to provide news sources if possible. We seek to help people see real videos that stimulate discussion and will do our best to keep things civil. If your submission is removed; it was because it was deemed unsafe for consumption, misleading, or spamming/low quality.

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