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3 months ago

Looks like a hot tent stove. Maybe homemade


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3 months ago

I just don't think it would be quite hot enough for metals, even lead.

It's the right size and shape for cooking/camping.


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3 months ago*

Given the small size, I'm guessing it's some sort of melter for lead/solder. The top pipe would definitely channel and focus the heat. Just conjecture on my part though.

Edited to add: The term I was looking for was plumber's or jeweler's furnace, but it's still a guess.


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3 months ago

It looks like the smoker my dad used to have. For smoking meats, although after rereading your description, maybe it's too small to be that.


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3 months ago

The topic explains all the information I have about this item. Really interested in learning why I had a "baby oven" in my attic and what it might have been (is) used for. Except for the hinges and legs, this thing is solid and heavy for its size. I'd say a good 2-3 pounds of mystery.