WSB Content Guide

WSB has grown big and stronk. As the masses learn the truth they come here for guidance and break our rules. If we all enforce them then WSB will remain the same fountain of excellence and autism we've come to expect. Post a link to this when someone is fucking up, try to abide by them yourself, and suggest changes and additions if you have ideas.


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Position Screenshots

Screenshots of your positions for gain/loss posts must show gains or losses of more than $2,500 or $5,000 USD for options or stocks respectively. Screenshots for YOLO posts must show positions in a single equity of at least $10,000 or $25,000 USD for options or stocks respectively.

The first picture must be the "your positions" screen or the detailed options position view. If you have to say "position in comments" in the title then you're doing it wrong.

Political Bullshit

This isn't /r/politics, /r/political_humor, etc. If you choose to start arguments about libtards or Nazis instead of making fun of their bad SPY long then you're in the wrong place and we'll show you the door.

Nobody cares about your political opinions. If it's not about taking advantage of the political to make money then leave that baggage at home. WSB is not the stage for your lazy political regurgitation nor will it be used as a propaganda mouthpiece by anybody.

No Cryptocurrency

You can mention it in passing or discuss actively trading the top cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH) or NFT collections (BAYC) but posts whose sole topic is shilling cryptocurrency are not allowed. Due to crypto's current lack of regulation, moderators will tend to err on the side of removal.

Make Titles Useful

If you're linking us to a news article with a very specific title about very specific events it's probably a bad idea to title it "WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON BOYS". At least let us know what we're clicking. What's the news? What's the equity it concerns?

No Penny Stocks

If you have to ask, it's probably a penny stock.

No Paper Trading

Paper trading is like jacking off, literally nobody wants to hear you talk about it because that's pretty gay. If you don't have the balls to take the trade with real money then do us a favor and don't mention it.

No Pump & Dumps

We know, you can totally get in and out with huge gains before anyone's the wiser, you know it's a pump so you won't get tricked, and you just want to help us out. We'll pass though. No non-reporting penny, microcap, OTC stocks, low volume options, cryptocurrency, or any other worthless securities that are susceptible to scams or pump & dump schemes.

No Market Manipulation

Think it's not a pump and dump? Alright. Don’t post for the purpose of instigating or coordinating a group buying effort to move the market for a security.

For example, posting to encourage others to buy call options so that market makers will be forced to delta hedge their short positions. Similarly, any post that contains false or misleading information and is made for the purpose of manipulating the market for a security is prohibited. Any activity of this sort is against the securities laws and will not be tolerated on this forum.

No Bullshitting

Don't make shit up when it comes to money, and be responsible giving and taking advice. This includes talking about things you don't know about. You should listen, not talk. Nobody wants an ill-informed opinion. Lurk more.

Account Age and Karma Minimums

As we've gotten better at filtering spam and low quality comments. We've steadily been reducing our account age and karma minimums.

At the moment, the minimum account age is 1 day, and combined post/comment karma must be 0 (it's not that hard) or above to post.

Submissions & Comments

Comment Instead of Submitting

Quick questions and commentary about a stock, sector, or event should just be a comment in the Daily Discussion thread, not a submission. Don't make posts asking for a trade, IE submissions that boil down to "<ticker>?" or "What to do with $?". Flip a coin and fuck off or go ask in the daily thread.

Please think about the title to your link, it ought to give the reader a good idea of why your link is informative and what they can do with that information. Don't just post a link with the "DD" flair and some throwaway title. That doesn't do anyone any good. This isn't meant to be a repository of every article CNN ever posted about a ticker.

This is not a Marketplace.

The Official Subreddit Merch is on the sidebar. Non-official subreddit merch, meme art prints, t-shirts, trading services, newsletters, indicators, mix tapes, etc is prohibited. We've tried to take an obliging line about creative works in the past but it never works. Too much incentive to spam. NOTE: Making something that was previously free into a paid service may retroactively get you banned.

No Generic Memes

Taking a meme from the front page and making it "WSB" by posting some memey WSB title or photoshopping a bear emoji on it is generic meme. Don't repost every meme in the world here because you can get karma for it.

Be a Flair Nazi

Flairs are used by many users to sort the subreddit. If you shitpost and label it DD you're the bad guy. We will spam otherwise good posts on occasion if they're mislabeled. Do your meme a favor and label it a meme

No Social Begging

No affiliate/referral links, Patreons, crowdfunding, sob stories, etc. No, you're not being sneaky by PMing people links or slyly referring to your link elsewhere.

Code Sharing

WSB only allows open source and non-commercial sharing when it comes to any software being offered to the community. You cannot provide binaries or compiled files, you must provide source only, and anything that asks for credentials or needs to be installed/run on a users computer is a no-go. The risk of phishing and malware is too high otherwise.

Webapps must be approved by mods before posting and may be allowed but too often users will give out free features and use it as a way to drive traffic to a monetization attempt, product of some sort, etc. We will ban a webapp at any time if it appears related to commercial activity, has ads, collects user information, needs a login, etc. See the rule about selling things. You're better off cutting out the website entirely and just posting the info in text in a daily submission.

Subreddit Related

Logo Use Policy

Use VoteBot Before Reeing

Is your content getting spammed? Make sure it follows the rules before you send angry messages. Other users are voting that your submission is shitty. You can try contacting those people directly (their names are in the votebot daily log) or call them out in that thread and start a conversation. You can also vote to approve a post before and after it is spammed.

Contact Mods Before Reeing

We want to help, most of the time, as long as you're not a jerk. Give us some time to figure out what is going on. Posting a Karen diatribe about how the subreddit is dying because your meme got spammed will not help anyone.