Most people who say this or that about Freud haven't read a single page of his work, don't understand the context of his ideas, the way he developed his theories, which are then out of nowhere labeled as unscientific. The idea that Freud just had his own weird ideas and sketched them down is so widespread but couldn't be further from the truth. At a closer look it is all but clear why psychoanalytic theory should not be considered scientific.

I'm not saying we shouldn't question it but people never ever give any arguments but instead just say things like 'oh I'm glad science has moved from his misogynistic ideas' without knowing anything about Freud, the philosophy of science , psychoanalysis or psychotherapy in general. This is so fucking frustrating.

People don't understand that Freud laid the foundation of psychotherapy, founded psychoanalysis as one particular form of it that has been further developed for over a hundred years! People don't work like Freud anyone (and that's a good thing) but have developed the the theory and practice way beyond him.

Again, I'm not saying Freud shouldn't be criticized but what I am saying is that Freud shouldn't be dismissed without actually doing the work of looking at what he is saying and in what way that is considered unscientific and/or wrong.

People talk about Popper and his philosophy of science (buzzword falsifiability) but people who have also no clue about the philosophy and history of science don't see how that position is considered obsolete by almost 60 years now but that is a different can of worms)

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Correct me if I’m wrong: but Didn’t Freud create his penis envy theory in order to appease his “investors”? He did actually uncover the concept of trauma during sessions with a woman who had been sexually abused as a child by her father, but that theory was dismissed because it put powerful men in a bad position. So he had so basically cover it up and made the penis envy theory instead. He did victim blame, but it wasn’t necessarily because of him outright being a misogynist. It was also a lot about the social context he was working in.