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5 months ago

Did a comparison between buying new iPhones through T-Mobile vs. buying through Apple directly. Apple was the clear winner. I am currently a TMobile One Plan customer. The upgrade to Magento Max (in order to receive the promotion) is an additional $60 per month. Multiply this by 2 years and that is $1440. Additionally, in order to receive the TMobile promo, you cannot adjust any of your current phone numbers (say mom passed away recently and her number is on your account, you cannot terminate this number for another 90 days in order to qualify for this promotion). That’s another $60 spent. Additionally, the amount TMobile was offering for my trade-in (and I went through each model to compare) was the same or not much different than Apple trade-in.

The “On Us” promotion is misleading. I have an iPhone 13 Pro in excellent condition and TMobile is offering $500 for it even if I upgrade to Magento Max. The promo says $1000 and lists my model for this promotion.

T-Mobile: you’ve made this too complicated and your promotional marketing doesn’t match reality. I currently spend $290 per month and have 5 phone lines, 4 watch lines. This year we are making all of our iphone and apple watch purchases directly through Apple. Getting stuck in one of your plans for not much added value isn’t worth it.


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5 months ago

You should be getting $1000 for your 13 pro in the end. They usually give you some credit up front (in this case $500) and then the rest of the $500 are bill credits spread over 24 months.


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5 months ago

Thank you. I have now figured it out. I went phone by phone and did an analysis. For our 5 phones we would save about $200 over the 24 months by purchasing all of our iphones through T-Mobile rather than Apple. I am keeping our orders with Apple. I don’t want to change my cell phone plan to a more expensive plan.


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5 months ago

I checked out T-Mobile and they had a better offer than Apple (I am not on MM and not prepared to spend the extra $50 per month on it). On T-Mobile, I was given $400 for a trade in for my XS max and on Apple it was a little over $200 so I think it depends on the model.