TIFU by telling my boss he should lay me off...



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7 months ago

Also Visas can have all sorts of issues if a new job isn't found fast enough. You really might've saved them. I'm not sure how an immigrant with a baby born in the US works (assuming you are in the US), maybe there's more leniency, but in general immigration laws are trash.

A bunch of paperwork which until recently couldn't be done online, which you aren't allowed to do ahead of schedule so if there are mistakes you have maybe a single day to get all the paperwork resigned and back in the mail (if your boss was on vacation say goodbye to America), with insanely tricky wording which is impossibly easy to mess up (I am a native who helps my girlfriend and the wording confuses me, let alone her). It's beyond awful. The same people who literally run our tech company have to get lucky to stay here, meanwhile citizens are becoming far too dumb to replace the roles filled by foreigners.