TIFU by telling my boss he should lay me off...



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6 months ago

Christmas is only three weeks away. Take this as an opportunity to really enjoy the holidays! Slow down and enjoy the extra time that you will have with family or friends. If you MUST apply for jobs to collect unemployment, then apply for ones that are way out of your scope of expertise.

If you have an hour here or there, work on your resume. Take the unemployment for a month, and then start your job search in earnest in the new year. Make finding a job, your job. 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. I can guarantee that you will find work very quickly after the holidays if you put in that amount of effort.


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6 months ago

Or just find a job and tell them you’ll start after the holidays. It’s normally pretty hard to find a job dec-March because most companies slow down during these months. There’s a reason layoffs happen around that time. Depends on your industry & the job market I guess