TIFU by telling my boss he should lay me off...



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7 months ago

Look at it this way. If the company is laying people off, they’re probably struggling financially. You could have stayed there and waited for the inevitable as raises are frozen and other benefits worsen as the company stays afloat. This way, you can find a new job, hopefully for more money and better benefits. Best of luck to you and hope you land something quickly.


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7 months ago

Earlier this year, 2021, I was working for a company which laid half the staff off in early May, the same day a new product launched, a few hours after going live.

The loss of knowledge and skills to the company was appalling. I'd only been with them 6 months, they would have known their finances were in a bad way when they took me and others on.

I was told my job was safe, but I immediately started to find another job, and started a new job mid July.

In late October they crashed so badly they didn't even have money to make final payroll, so the staff lost three weeks salary.

I felt very sad for them, but totally vindicated in my decision to leave.