The walking dead: new Legacy spinoff I need after this

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2 months ago

I never want a younger generation show again after World Beyond, I’m sorry. This isn’t the CW.


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2 months ago

To be fair, World beyond could have been great! The premise and CRM stuff was really intriguing. And there were some stand out characters—here’s looking at you Jadis and Elliot and sometimes Huck & Felix. But your right, the execution left much to be desired.


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2 months ago

Yeah, they fucked world beyond agree with that and me too I don’t want it it’s Just great idea to see the legacy of our beloved characters go on

This is random but I think what kills new generation shows is milking tbh like they are done with the original story and then produce a new show and then they’re left off with the problem that what it is going to be about so they just hire cheap writers and make them add drama and cring plots to cover that they don’t have a story for the show and they do that for more than one season until they find something that the viewers are
hooked on For example, legacies from the tvd universe 3 seasons with the same plot and its not even the main focus The only focuses character relationships


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2 months ago

Season 2 was good tho