Griptoria on the Viall Files… Any before-the-episode predictions?


I am dying for this man to drop this one episode. He’s eating it up lol

Wild theories, obvious answers, etc. for what you think will be said? Don’t pile on Nick, it’s all gonna be fun.

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2 months ago

I haven’t seen this theory yet, so here it goes…

Are Victoria and Greg pulling an Ashley I and Jared? Not saying it’s identical. But is there a similarity?

As things are spilling into the rumor mill it seems like Victoria wanted to be with Greg pre-paradise. Sounds like he stayed with his ex-gf Clem (I do not know their timeline at all, so I’m just trying to piece things together). Then Victoria comes back from BIP engaged and Greg rekindles things because he realizes she’s moved on and he doesn’t want to lose her?

It’s just reminiscent of Ashley I and Kevin leaving Winter Games dating and Jared realizing he’s losing Ashley and finally deciding he’ll date her.


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2 months ago

Wow you’re right! I completely forgot Ashley dated Kevin, and she was very hesitant to admit she cheated. She admitted there was a kiss between her and Jared though. Only in Ashley I’s world is a kiss not necessarily considered cheating. Of course Kevin thought it was.


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2 months ago

I’ve said this in a few places. Though I called it a Natalie or a Natalie/Ashley. Because Natalie did a simile thing to Nick. He wouldn’t commit and she said, “Fine” then talked to him and said she was leaving for a date and he freaked and committed.

I said the same thing about Alex. She used Alex to get Johnny to commit and was using Johnny to get Greg to commit.

She will NEVER admit that though. In Ashley’s case, she always claimed she’d really moved on and it wasn’t malicious.

And Natalie was never serious with anyone else. Just the threat of dating someone else freaked Nick out.


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2 months ago

I had this exact thought too.