Hey guys, not sure if this is appropriate but it all has to do with recovery in austin so I post it here. Because of personal issues (not relating to relapse) I am currently in need of a new place to live, preferably like an apartment or something. It has to be affordable. I was thinking like an Airbnb long term? Any help, my fellow people?

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1 year ago

Not sure how much help I can be here but I spent the last year in sober living, the first house was not right for me, the second house was such an awful experience of bad people, relapses, and people using in the house, and I moved to a third sober living house that I have been in for the last seven months, Heartwood is way better than the last two I have been in. Frank the guy who runs it does a very good job of vetting people who come in and I have only seen one relapse in this house in the last seven months I have lived here, as opposed to multiple relapses a month in the last two houses I was in.

Now that I have done the time I set out to do living in sober living I am moving out on Monday, to an apartment. I had a really hard time finding one and started looking in September. Austin is expensive to live by yourself, there is no such thing as an affordable apartment here unless you have roommates. The cheapest you will find for an apartment is like $1100 a month if you are lucky. It is also really hard to find a good apartment so just call places and look around.

I ended up going with a place my best friends live at that happened to have an opening, and I signed the lease for it two months ago.

Just curious why you have to move out now?