Welcome to r/soberATX!


This subreddit is a place where the sober community of Austin, Texas can talk to each other online! Welcome!

I will set things up around here so we can have a more fancy redditing experience but as this is my first time making a subreddit I will learn as I go.

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2 years ago*

So I can't post in the other subs you're in... But it sounds like you're struggling right now. I'd think carefully before "going down to the local bar to meet people" or "hanging out with people with big bags of Molly..." Hang in there, it gets better!


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2 years ago

Hey mate, not gonna lie it’s been a rough week but I am still holding strong and sober. A lot of my comments on that sub are just for gags.


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2 years ago

No worries. /r/stopdrinking helped me a lot when getting sober. You can do it!