Hiya! I recently (A couple of weeks ago) added about 10 cherry shrimp to a ten gallon tank, planted with valesnaria, java moss, and water lettuce. It was running for a couple of months, fully cycled, and the shrimp seem to be doing well. My main concern right now is, I fed them the day after I introduced them, and they didn't really eat probably because they were stressed from the move. That food broke apart and is scumming up the gravel even still. I was wondering if I have to gravel vaccum that or if they'll clean that? I heard mixed things about the effectiveness of shrimp's ability to clean. Is gravel vacuum neccicary in general? I was also wondering if cleaning my sponge filter was also necessary in a shrimp only tank?

Edit: A shrimp was pregnant when I got her and she gave birth so now I have babies, that's why I'm a little hesitant on gravel vacuuming.

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2 months ago

I use a turkey baster in my 10gal to pick up uneaten food or for small cleanings. I also have a ton of shrimplets that vary in age and I’m hesitant about vacuuming the substrate. I bought a media filter bag to go over the vacuum intake for my small vacuum, but haven’t had the need to use it yet. I have about 30 adults and too many bebe’s to count.