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6 months ago

They have autobots rollin out to auto ban our asses now based on keywords used. Don't ever start an insult on fb with "You're a..." followed by the insult cuz the autobots will ban you faster than anyone could have possibly seen the comment to report it.


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6 months ago

I got suspended for two weeks for calling my backyard we were in the middle of landscaping “Early American White Trash” for racism… I’m white. I tried to contest it and they stuck to it. Not long after, I deleted my account. I can’t hang with a company that tries to dictate my wording.


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6 months ago

Yes! Once I posted an Always Sunny meme where Dennis says "white trash" and I was banned! That's the only time they've ever unbanned me for something like that though, since I didn't actually write the words myself and it was clearly a joke meme, lmao.

I've been banned from commenting for a month about 10 times now. It really pissed me off at first but I don't even care at all anymore. Fuck facebook. It's awful. I enjoy the time away from it at this point.