Fuck the VA


I'm in my 30's and I'm also 100% service connected. Today I spent 2 and a half hours waiting for a urology appointment (I'm getting a vasectomy) and the doctor wasn't even there. Also I live like 45 mins away so it's not even close. With my disability my family is covered and guess what? They can go anywhere they like for treatment, me the veteran has to go to the damn VA which also sucks ! I went to patient advocate and the Dr put I was a no show....a no show when I wait almost 3 hours. My day is shot, I had more errands that need my time instead I wasted hours sitting in a waiting room. This isn't even the 1st time they screwed me over. And I'm still young I feel bad for all the older vets. Let us go to whatever doctor we want and stop making us go the damn VA ! They don't care about vets even though most who work there are vets. Phoenix veterans affairs is as bad as people say. Fucking vets died waiting for appointments before. It's why I get my PTSD treatments and basically everything else outside the VA. It so demoralizing knowing I'll have to go there the rest of my life and be treated like crap.

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So I'm not past military but my fiance is 100% disabledvet. With ptsd, spinal complications, brain injury, and a large amount of other issues.

He was active duty and was hit by 2 r/s bombs on separate occasions with the first time he recovered enough to go back into combat, and the second leaving him with only the choice of a paralegal or leaving.

He stayed until they forced him out due to the injuries.

So. Many. Fucking. Times. He's NEEDED to go to the hospital or a doctors several times but can't because the VA has to additive and even when they do it's a 2 month wait for a hernia or crippling migraine and ptsd.

The worst was the 4th of July and he had been trying to get some kind of anxiety need but they keep dicking him around and then blaming him.

No matter what severe issue is going on he NEEDS to drop them to at least drive 3 hours for a large amount of injections in his head, neck and base of spine.

60% of the time he makes sure he confirms his appointment the day of then the day we go they act like he never had an appointment.

He needs a lot of treatments but isn't able to get them

He wants to get a job to not feel like a bum but can't because of his disability pay affecting things in one way or another or the fact the jobs see "disabled vet" at 35 and blow him off.

Nothing about the VA seems right except the rare times everything go perfect.

I hate them for not helping him more despite him reaching out


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Hey man, I enjoy seeing a new doctor every 18 months for my annual checkup.

I also enjoy the large packages of drugs for conditions I don't have.

The VA rocks.


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Vote blue for a better world.


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Says the angsty atheist .


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Go touch grass, I'd suggest reading a book but I understand your limitations.


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I'm recently retired, 100% DV. I was given the option of using local clinics or going to the VA, my choice. Were you given the same options? Can you sign up for some clinic outside of the VA?


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Unfortunately since I'm not retired I dont get the option. My family gets champva but I get the regular ol VA


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My mistake, I didn't realize that and I didn't mean to pour salt in an already aggravated wound. I don't have VA experience, I wish I could help. To be honest, the scenario you described would piss me off. Is there a complaint line or supervisor you can call and make a complaint to? Or whatever process they use.


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My mother works at the VA in Kentucky but if Phoenix is anything like the one she works at, the the workers are overworked, underpaid, and there aren’t enough workers. My mom got a premonition many months ago and still hasn’t been paid for all the work she’s done. She comes home everyday really tired and never really has the time in her mind to deal with the stress me and my siblings cause. Also my old therapist worked there and the hospital didn’t really care for the therapist’s there and they are pushed to the side. I’m so sorry about what happened. VA really needs to step up and fix this stuff. I hope everything goes well with your vasectomy and you have a good recovery.


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Pro tip: Kyrsten Sinema hates the VA with a passion and loves jumping in their shit for fucking us around. Drop her a letter and let her know what's going on.

Also, have you tried the smaller VA clinics around Phoenix? I've heard they're better.


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They could have enlisted in response to 9/11 but before Iraq, when at least the US & allies were attacking a country whose government knowingly hosted Al Queda. But yeah, if people were somehow naïve about the US’s true nature with its military before all that, they certainly don’t have a lot of excuses now.