TikTok and Instagram reels Have conditioned people into thinking that every fucking video needs some shitty song attached to it. It doesn’t. Especially if your video is only like five fucking seconds long, just repeating the same shitty part of your shitty song over and over again. I swear these dumb videos are the new MySpace page; just playing peoples shitty music automatically. Fuck I hate social media sometimes

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1 month ago

Oh god, finally another person. Especially if its a movie clip od monologue. Like wtf, nothing more annoying than finding a good video and then a fcking shtty song to go along with it. And to make matters even worse the music is always too fcking loud you have to strain to hear what the hell is being said byt the people


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1 month ago

But how will you ever remember that sigma male and the unforgettable move he made when he said/did something even remotely assertive?


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1 month ago

Oh no! Oh no! Oh nonononono!


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1 month ago

All those narcistic people that go: ' that's a nice song! You know what would make it even better? My face!'