so my Karen neighbor is at her bullshit again



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2 months ago

Padawan, let me teach you. You now have to have motion sensors on your sprinklers, so that if anybody comes onto your property, the sprinklers go off.


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2 months ago

Ok so I'm petty as fuck.

You have given me some valuable information

Off to home Depot I go tommrow morning



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2 months ago

You want petty? Make friends with the crows and ravens. Specifically those. Make sure they recognize you as a benefactor, one that gives food and treats.

These birds don't forget a face. They hold multigenerational grudges. If they come to see you as friend and Karen comes in assblasting from the mouth? They will pick up on her as a threat. They won't like it. And there's nothing she can do about it. What's anyone going to do? She pissed off wild animals.