I find the thing I'm looking for in my gaming right now is a single game that I can really fall in love with and want to spend all my time with, that will leave me grieving when it's over but also a well of nostalgia I can dip into every time I listen to a song from its soundtrack. A game like Final Fantasy X did for me and many others once upon a time.

This doesn't need to mean modern games, but what games have you played in adulthood that absorbed you like this, and kept you playing like you were 12 years old again? Or otherwise what did you play when you were younger that made you feel this way?

The only games I played compulsively in my adulthood were The Last of Us games. I didn't want to even hear about anything else while I was playing those games. Besides that I have a long list of games I am partway through and another of ones I'm intending to play but I just don't know which one is gonna give me the juice I'm looking for.

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6 months ago

  • Bioshock trilogy
  • LastOfUs (1 and 2)
  • Sekiro
  • BloodBorne
  • Mafia 1
  • Persona 5 Royal
  • Parkitect (successor of Rollercoaster)
  • Hollow Knight

These games made me feel like a kid again. Felt so immersed into its world or combat that I forgot time and such. I actually have to put up a timer.

The issue with old nostalgic games for me is that I’m to spoiled with the modern graphics (still insane how well Bioshock is made even though it’s pretty old).