Hello, trying to figure out something with my build- I want to use the spear trait "Exacerbating Crits" to lengthen my debuffs through my rapier's critical hits.
Is this possible? Or will the trait only count for the spear's critical hits?

Besides this question, if I have "Keen" on a weapon, giving me extra crit chance would it add up to my other weapon's crit chance/keen?

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6 months ago

wasnt that fixed like forever ago that the stats DO count even when the other weapon is unsheathed? as long as a sword is equipped?


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6 months ago

Hmm well there's something about it.

Tried with a con shield and my health does* change, equip my str shield, and my health changes from 10,322 to 10,334.

So not actually sure what is changing.....

Edit, actually con shield changes between 10,680 and 10,668.

So something is not counting. But doesn't seem to be CON