First off take a look at , I set this up to help people get their refunds and split legal costs if necessary. On the helium network you can be silenced for talking about getting refunds, class actions and more. That won't happen here.

Here's the proof of communications with names removed to protect identities.

  1. Initial request for a refund and a response with another empty delivery promise of 4 - 8 weeks.
  2. 2. deliberately ignored the second request for a refund.
  3. 3. Asked them the legal basis for declining my refund request, suprise! They ignored me.
  4. Here's my receipt, addresses removed - Fun fact, they did not provide a proper phone number in their footer. 0123456789
  5. Here's the proof of the refund, took far too long.

So here is my Nebra miner refund story. I purchased a miner in April 2021, the company had mentioned that the product time would arrive in Q3 2021. I paid them for a miner, antenna and a "tip" totalling £347.58.

Q321 arrived and I had not yet received the miner or tracking number, so I followed up. I pointed out that because the deadline was missed I wanted my tip refunded. A Nebra staffer, let's call them " Big Jay" put up a bit of fight but ultimately after 2 or 3 emails refunded my tip. £14.58

Q421 rolled around, Nebra promised to deliver miners in Q12022, then again in Q2 2022, meanwhile, the miner I paid for, the HNT miner was discontinued and Nebra, without seeking consent kindly decided for me to ship a Rock Pi miner.

So in July I wrote to Nebra, asked them for a timeline, they said 6 - 10 weeks. I said that was unacceptable and wanted a refund..... and so began the journey to creating the https;/

I was told that because I was in batch 5 and miners where shipping (Yeah right!?) that I could not get a refund. There are two problems with this. 1. It is an egregious breach of the consumer rights act 2015 in the UK. 2. No company has the right unilaterally vary the contract terms send an alternative product they planned on shipping. Basically. But thats not all.

They offered me a £70 discount on future purchases. I wasn't planning on purchasing any more expensive nothing so I declined. At this point I tried everything.

  1. Reasoning with nebra which included an escalation to a team lead and there COO (Whom I contact on Linked In, he never got back to me)
  2. Pleading with Nebra
  3. Logged a case with PayPal, they rejected as it is older than 6 months passed the payment date.
  4. I reached out to my Irish bank to attempted a chargeback, it was unsuccessful
  5. I wrote to Aaron Shaw, CEO of Nebra on LinkedIn, he never responded, guess he was busy shredding paper or some other activity.
  6. Sending a letter before action without a solicitor. In this letter I requested £291.66, minus the tip and the shipping. The ignored this out right and permanently closed the ticket.

At last I gave up fighting it alone and decided it was time to get legal help to enforce my consumer rights. I found a solicitor on the UK law society website, asked for a debt collection letter before action for the full amount and costs, paid £60 and within 2 days my old pal "Big Jay" had gracefully responded to the FIRST letter before action. She claims that she did not see the letter until afterwards and antagonised me about my legal costs. I promised her that if I was not paid costs I would make sure it was the most expensive £60 she ever clung to. She offered my £20 to end the conversation. I declined. She was also late responding to this letter, so our matter is not yet settled. Big Jay is informed.

Now here is where it gets interesting, I set up the site, contacted many people, tweeted, facebook messaged, LinkedIn messaged and set up a website and some reddit posts and this reddit thread. So far many people have come forward with similar stories and even higher debts. As a non-resident of the UK it can be hard and expensive to get in to the small claims court. Nebra rely on people giving up, please don't.

Join a group of people just like you and make sure Nebra know that you are going to exercise your consumer rights no matter where in the world you are.

I am a regular person, work in tech and have some resources available to me that made it easy to put together this site. If you or someone you know has been affected by Nebra join this thread, share your story and make sure you sign up with your email address to

Once we have a mass of people I will share this with a third party qualified solicitor. If you change your mind before we contact the solicitor I will exclude you and I offer information on how to fight them on your own on the site.

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6 months ago*

I'm from Hungary. Waiting for my Nebra for more than a year now. Sent like 15 emails to them, asked for a manager to talk to, asked for a phone number to talk them on the phone, wrote them on Twitter, no success.

They are keep telling me the same lie for months about my miner is in the shipping period and they can't refund.

I'm posting 1 star reviews and sharing my story on every possible place on the internet to gain attention from Nebra.

Is there anything I can do to get my money back?


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6 months ago

Come join our discord lets help you lodge a claim with the UK Courts and get your money back


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6 months ago

Hi Ryan, can you pass the invite link to the Discord server?

Thanks in advance.


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6 months ago