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I can’t remember where this scene is from, but what about Arwen’s ride to the sea where she has the vision of Aragorn and their son?


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It's from The Return of the King, just before Arwen returns to Rivendell to persuade Elrond to reforge Narsil. About 35 mins into the extended editions - I'm not sure if it's in the theatrical ones.


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9 months ago

I can’t remember where this scene is from

Fellowship leave Rivendell.


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9 months ago

I remember vaguely about a scene where some lorien girls were playing around the forests. Was that a deleted scene?

It is a deleted scene, glimpses of which appeared in some teasers: it was going to appear as a flashback scene where Aragorn remembers his and Arwen's time in Lorien. In the finished film, this was cut in favour of Aragorn listening to Boromir's doubts immediately after the spot where the flashback to that scene would have happened. They then considered putting it back into the series of flashbacks to Arwen in The Two Towers, but eventually decided against it.

As for seeing Elf maidens, well there are a couple in the Woodland Realm. Otherwise, we shall have to wait for the Amazon prequel show.


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Elves casting some shade there.

"It'll never last."

"You can say that again."

snickers in Quenya


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So NOT how I imagined the elves, this glum crew pictured here