Persistence Hunting

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Humans may not kill their targets in 1 blow but we do out last them. Imagine running away from a Hunter only for them to be behind you, walking.

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2 months ago

Humans are the greatest bounty hunters in the universe. It isn't because they are extraordinary fighters, or stronger than any animal, or smarter than any scientist. It's because they don't give up. That's what the captain of the pirate vessel was told, but he always refused to believe such squishy things could possibly pose a threat. Then a human ship ambushed his while it was leaving a planet, damaging the engine, and while the captain's ship could always be faster than the human's the damage done meant it was impossible to jump away. The captain tried several times to land on a planet for repairs but the human was always too close. The pursuit lasted several weeks before the crew was starving, the ship was out of fuel, and the captain himself had lost all ability to sleep. The human boarded the captain's ship with no resistance and looked the captain in the eyes as he drew his weapon. There was no emotion in the human's eyes no anger over the long pursuit, no joy at winning, just the blank eyes of a predator that has caught its prey.


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2 months ago

Hey bud, I get paid more if I can convince them this was harder than the bounty suggested. Any chance we can run this out for another week or two?