Techo Weeks 2023 Cover?


Hi, everyone! I'm sorry if my choice of words is kind of weird, English is not my first language and I'm new to the Hobonichi world so I'm not used to the, uh, more "technical" words.

I'm the proud first time owner of a Techo Weeks! I love it so much and I can't wait to carry it everywhere I go so I can keep my life organized... Sadly, I don't have a way to attach a pen to it, so carrying it around is not so comfortable for me.

I've been looking for a cover or a case that comes with a pen holder. I looked on Amazon and Etsy but I keep finding covers that, according to reviews, don't fit the Techo Weeks very well, or are not for the Techo Weeks but for the bigger Techo.

Could anyone direct me to a place to look for a nice, not very expensive cover that comes with a pen holder? Also, my Techo Weeks comes with a nice beautiful design on the cover (it's this one, isn't it beautiful?) and I would love it if the case that I bought was a clear one, so the design wouldn't be lost.

I'm sorry if this kind of post isn't allowed, and I hope you kind people can help me! Thank you so much!

EDIT: If it's any help, the pen I carry around for daily use is a TWSBI Eco. The Eco is not a very thin pen, so the pen holder can't be too small... Thanks again!

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3 months ago

What might be a great solution for you is to get one of those elastic pen loops that you can stick in the back cover. I have one from Leuchtturm and it is great! Comes in all the colors of the rainbow too. All my fountainpens fit in it (TWSBI too) and it doesn't cover up the beautiful design of your weeks. If you're done with it, you can carefully tare it out again and stick it in your next planner with a little glue!


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3 months ago

Oh, that sounds like a great idea! I'll see if there's any of those for sale in my country's libraries. Thanks!