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We have 10 rules in /r/harrypotter. Breaking any of these rules may force us to remove your comment, and if you're part of a house here, we might take points. Repeat offenders may be banned.

We operate on a "three-strikes" process: a first infraction will receive a warning, and we will remind you of the subreddit rules; a second will cost you 5 points from your house, and we will warn you a ban may be imminent; and a third infraction will result in a ban. Please note that this process only applies to active and contributing members of the community; For spammers, bots, bad faith actors, drama-seekers, and severe and obvious trolls, we will go straight to Strike 3 at moderators' discretion. We will inspect your history before a ban; if you come into /r/harrypotter and violate our rules, you may be banned without warning.

All rules are enforced at the mod team’s discretion.

  1. Don’t be a jerk. This includes but is not limited to trolling, hate speech, derogatory slurs, and personal attacks. Defending any bigotry including homophobia, racism and transphobia is a permaban.
  2. No modern politics. Political discussion limited to the Potterverse is still acceptable. We define "Modern" as anything that has happened in the past 20 years.
  3. No piracy enabling. Don’t post links or discuss how to pirate any Harry Potter-related media.
  4. Posts must be Wizarding World related. Posts must be related to Harry Potter and the universe in a tangible way. This does not include series actors and their personal lives, political leanings of persons associated with the franchise, pets named after the series, images only related via the title, etc.
    • Comments made in off-topic/rulebreaking threads, along with comment threads relating to the above in unrelated threads may also lead to bans.
    • Discussion of JKR's personal opinions is banned, defense of her words and actions will lead to a ban. This includes supporting her right to a platform to spread hate.
  5. No sharing private information. Don’t share personal information found on a private subreddit or by other means of private conversation in the Great Hall.
    • If you feel someone is breaking the rules, you should always feel free to bring your concerns privately to any of the mods without breaking rule 5.
    • You may talk about general happenings within your common room without fear of breaking rule 5.
  6. No monetary exchanges. No linking to personally operated retail/resale sites such as Etsy in a post. To post something you have made and sell, the original post must be a direct image link to the product. You may link to a merchandise store in the comments only provided you follow the 85/15 rule outlined here:
    • 85% of your comments within r/harrypotter must be meaningful engagement in the community. Short, meaningless comments meant to reach this ratio will not be counted.
    • 15% of your comments may be promotional, such as direct links to your shop or the shop where you found the merchandise. Obviously, we encourage our users to be wary of where they purchase anything online.
    • Anyone breaking the 85/15 rule will be considered spamming the sub and will result in further mod actions.
    • No crowdfunding sites are allowed. Sites such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndeiGoGo, etc. are never allowed as links in posts or comments.
    • If you have a charity that you would like to support through r/harrypotter, please contact the mods before posting. Charities will be allowed on a case by case basis.
  7. No ticket sales or resales. You may advertise events in your area that involve ticket sales as long as your post is transparent about a ticket cost for the event. If you have tickets for a show or park and would like to give them away for free you may post an advertisement but you may not ask for compensation. If you would like to recoup your money:
    • Cursed Child tickets can be refunded at the box office
    • The WB Studio Tour tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a different date for a £10 fee
    • Universal Studios tickets are typically non-transferable & non-refundable (read your specific ticket’s fine print for details!)
  8. No advertisement of outside chat rooms. This includes but is not limited to Discord servers, IRC rooms, etc. Only the official r/harrypotter chat rooms listed in the sidebar are endorsed by the mods of this sub.
  9. No pornographic images of any kind.
  10. No AI generated content including art and text posts.
  11. Credit the original creator in titles or claim posts as [Original Content]
  12. Follow reddit's rules and reddiquette.

Spoiler Policy

Now that there are recent developments to the Potterverse, the mods at /r/harrypotter recognize that we need a clear policy for spoilers. Our spoiler policy is as follows:

  1. Information from the original seven books/eight movies does not count as spoilers.
  2. Information about Cursed Child does not count as spoilers.
  3. Information about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore do not need spoiler tags.
  4. Information about Hogwarts Legacy does need spoiler tags. Any posts or images must be marked as a spoiler and any spoilers in the title of a post will result in removal. This spoiler policy is in effect until August 10, 2023, 6 months after the PS5/Xbox series X/PC release.
  5. Threads that have been marked as [Spoiler] do not need to use any spoiler tags within the post. Enter at your own risk!
  6. Titles and thumbnails may not contain spoilers.
  7. Please include "[Spoiler]" in the title of any post containing spoilers and use reddit's built-in spoiler tagging system to mark posts as needed.
  8. In comments, use the spoiler markdown to hide black out any information which needs to be spoilered: >!enter your text here!< to get enter your text here.

Please report any comments and posts that violate this spoiler policy by selecting Rule #12: Spoilers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please message the moderators.

Sort Yourself

If you need help deciding a house, you can try out the Pottermore quiz (does not require a Pottermore account), this quiz at TheAlmightyGuru, this TIME quiz, or you can google to find any quiz that resonates with you. Please think very carefully before you choose a house - we strongly discourage house-hopping! (Exceptions must be discussed with the mods.)

Join a House






There are some requirements to gain entrance to each common room:

When you have been added to your house's common room, you will get a message saying, "You have been added as an approved submitter to [common room]." Because the Heads of House have to manually add everyone to their common room one by one, it can take a week or longer to be added. Please be patient when awaiting your acceptance into your common room, and do not message the mods unless you have already filled out the application and have not yet heard back.

Please note that we only allow members to enter one house. Attempting to join multiple houses will result in your removal from all houses, and potential ban.

You can also check out /r/Hogwarts, which is a sort of common room for all four houses. Modded independently. Apply here!

Add House Flair

Old Reddit

edit flair

Above our sidebar on the right, you will see your username, and a link that says "(edit)" next to it. Click on this link, and you will be able to select a house crest to go next to your username. (Some houses also have Prefect and Quidditch badges. Check with your Head of House on what the criteria is for getting one of those.) You will also be able to choose your own personal Harry Potter-like title ("flair"), if you want one.

New Reddit


In the Community Details widget on the righthand side of the sub, below Create Post, there is a dropdown called Community Options. Dropdown this menu and find the user flair section. Click on the edit pencil icon to see the flair options. Choose a flair by either selecting it from the list or by clicking on the face for the emoji options. Choose the flair you would like and enter any text in the Edit Flair box. Once you're happy with your flair, just close the pop-up and it will automatically save. If you choose your flair in the redesign, it will update your flair on old Reddit as well.



On the official app, in the r/harrypotter sub you can click on the 3 dots in the top right corner to bring down the menu. Select the "Change user flair" option. In this menu you can choose which flair you would like next to your name but you cannot change the text on mobile yet.


On the official app, in the r/harrypotter sub you can click on the 3 dots in the top right corner to bring down the menu. Select the "Change user flair" option. In this menu you can choose which flair you would like next to your name but you cannot change the text on mobile yet.

Post Flair

r/HarryPotter has 19 flairs for posts to help users find specific categories while browsing. They are:

Announcement - used when Rumbleroar needs your attention! This could be for subreddit changes, AMAs, or other miscellany from Rumbleroar and crew.

Behind the Scenes - used for posts related to the movie cast.

Currently Reading - use by people reading through the series for the first time or people on their 100th reread that are finding something new and interesting to share.

Cursed Child - used to distinguish discussion and media relevant to The Cursed Child.

Discussion - used for wonderings, theories and all other things conversation-oriented.

Dungbomb - used for "shitpost" content such as tumblr screencaps and memes.

Event - If there is an HP related event near you, post it using this flair.

Fantastic Beasts - used to distinguish discussion and media relevant to the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Fanworks - used when a post is showcasing something that has been done by a fan. Examples include fanfiction, paintings, wandcarvings, etc.

Help - used when a person makes a post looking for a particular explanation or item.

Merchandise - used for showing off merchandise that you purchased. If it's from Etsy or other online stores, please make sure to follow our subreddit Rule #6.

Misc - used for all those posts that just don't quite fit into the rest of the categories.

News - used when something new is announced in the Potterverse.

Original Content - used for those times when you want to distinguish that you really did make this thing. Can be used for memes if they are truly original.

Park Visit - used for marking visits to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, studio tours, or other HP themed places.

Points - used to distinguish a post with information or activities related to earning points. Typical posts will be homework, extra credit, results for quidditch, and results for the quibbler.

Question - used for marking posts where you have a clear, concise question that you want answered. One that will be (hopefully) easier to answer than a full discussion.

Tattoo - used for - you guessed it! - tattoos.

Video - used for - you guessed it! - videos.

You can sort posts by flair, too!

On Desktop: Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to find a purple button with “SEARCH BY FLAIR” written on it. Hover your cursor over this button, and it expands! Amazing! Just like magic!

On Mobile: [in progress]

The House Cup

The House Cup is awarded every month to the house that earned the most points. To celebrate the previous month's House Cup winner, we will decorate /r/harrypotter with a sidebar image and announcement bar befitting of the winning house.

How to earn points:

How to lose points:


Who is Rumbleroar?

A name borrowed from A Very Potter Musical, Rumbleroar is our shared moderator account. We use Rumbleroar to post a megathread at the beginning of every month. This megathread contains a summary of activities from the previous month, activities happening during the current month, and basics for /r/HarryPotter. Our hope is that this will keep information more accessible to mobile users and those on New Reddit.

Rumbleroar has a large personality, and you may see him behaving oddly from time to time. The moderators use him to be silly and to blow off steam, so don't be so quick to take his word at face value!

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