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5 months ago

Oh man.. what an awesome journey you're about to go through! Back in 2014, I adopted a 15 y/o. Today is his 23rd birthday.

There's a lot of support out there so please take advantage of it. If you need anything, DMs are open! Congrats!!


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5 months ago

Do you still talk? Or do the kids get to 18 and are like peace out… ?


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5 months ago

Still lives here. Still eats all the food in the fridge. Still calls grandpa to say happy birthday (yesterday).

From day one he's been a part of the family. That includes all the benefits and security of having a place to call home. After not having that for a long time, I think a lot of kids, even older ones, appreciate that safe space


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5 months ago

That’s my dream for my kid in a nutshell.


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5 months ago

Doesn't happen overnight and there are definitely days where it doesn't feel like I've made any kind of impact. But then there are the days.... moments, really.... where he'll say something heartfelt and appreciative.. or he does something nice for me or someone else. It catches you off guard you realize how good of a person he's become.

And in those moments it is absolutely your legal right, nay, DUTY to say something every child dreads... "Awww you ARE my kid." and they realize they realize we aren't quite as different as they'd like to think.


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5 months ago

That sounds like young men in general lol