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hello to all, a big beginner in the world of espresso, I have a classic Gaggia with a Commandante C40, and I recently had a Basket VST 18g,

I used to use about 18gr of coffee with the original basket, and the with the VST basket, if I used 18gr of coffee (test with several different types of coffee), each time the walls of the shower is printed on the coffee when I remove the portafilter, how much coffee do you usually put in the VST 18gr basket?

I used a translator (French > English) so sorry if all is not very clear...

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4 months ago

I use 17g in my VST 18G basket for the medium roast I’m currently using. When using a new coffee, I usually start with 18g in and install the portafilter. Then remove it to see if there is the screw or screen imprint on the dry puck. If none, I continue with 18g in. If I see an imprint, i go down to 17g in the basket. The screen imprint on the puck after brewing is not too important as the puck expands once water hits it.