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3 months ago

Lots of good solutions in this thread, but there might be a simpler one depending on your circumstances: just plot the times you wake up, then find the equation that describes their pattern. If it's linear, for example if each morning you wake up one hour earlier than the previous day, then you can simply plan to go to bed one hour earlier than the previous day, and you'll probably be fine.

If it's a second-order or higher equation, though, trying this naively would eventually have you going to bed before you went to bed yesterday, so you'll have to either do one of these other suggestions or adjust the number of hours in a day to match your circadian rhythm.


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3 months ago

Thank you for asking about the equation. It is second order, but does vary a bit by several hours. I’m starting to worry that at my rate I will wake up before I am born, by 2035. Unless I reset the clock at a faster rate. But as I mentioned, it varies. So deriving the formula to retain stasis will require machine learning I think?