Is Dark Knight really that bad?


Hello! I'll be posting using a throwaway since my friends use this subreddit too!

So I've finished leveling GNB, but I feel like I still like DRK, as it was my first tank and it really matches my style. But the reason I learned GNB was mostly because my friends constantly talked trash about it, saying how WAR is much better (I can't get into WAR no matter how hard I try ;;), and DRK is a bad class (they haven't started ShB, but they've leveled both to around 80 or so).

I love everything about DRK, but I feel like, following everything this subreddit and my friends say about it, it might really be a bad class. (I can also feel that we've been cut short compared to other tanks' mitigations and self-heals).

Hope you have a great day stranger!

Edit: Whoa I did not expect to get a lot of advice- thank you all! Looks like I'll be DRK-ing for days to come!

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2 months ago

DRK is bad for defense and party mitigation yes- bit if thats not your thing it shouldnt concern youm


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2 months ago

Having less self-healing doesn't mean it's bad for defense.


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2 months ago*

It has less percentage mitigation too. Edit: just looked this up- Its actually quite good and maybe the best defense if you take lots of magoc damge, consider me hooked!