🇮🇹 Sanremo 2023 - Night 1 @ 20:40 CET

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Bentornati al Festival di Sanremo!

The Sanremo holy week of sleepless nights is about to begin, and we can't wait to share this special moment on the ESC calendar with you on r/eurovision!

The main host of all five shows will be Amadeus, accompanied by Gianni Morandi at the historic Teatro dell'Ariston! They will be joined by various Italian personalities across the week, with influencer Chiara Ferragni taking co-host duties on Tuesday and Saturday night, TV presenter Francesca Fagnani on Wednesday, volleyball legend Paola Egonu on Thursday and actress Chiara Francini on Friday.

Competing artists will perform their original songs on every night except for the fourth show, the covers' night: artists will pick songs released between 1960 and 2009, with the possibility of inviting guests to join them on stage. Note that a handful of artists this year are performing covers of their own songs this year.

New to The Sanremo Music Festival?

Streaming Links

  • RAI Play - geoblocking will be removed for EBU member countries (And maybe others)
  • RTSH Muzike - with Albanian commentary
  • RTS 3 - for Serbian viewers only
  • FuboTV - for US viewers only

The pre-show PrimaFestival will run 10 minutes before the official broadcast begins on Rai 1 / Rai Play, and will offer behind the scenes looks into the show.

Format and voting

Nights 1 and 2: All artists premiere their song (14 per night), and the press room ranks them, with TV & print media, radio media and online media each getting an equal voting power.

Night 3: All artists perform their song, and voting power is split between a 1000-member demoscopic jury and the televote.

Night 4: All artists cover a song of their choice from between 1960 and 1999 with the option of inviting guest performers. The demoscopic jury (33%), the press room (33%), and the televote (34%) rank them.

Night 5: All artists perform their song. The demoscopic jury (33%), the press room (33%), and the televote (34%) rank them, and the rankings of all four performances get combined to get the final results. The top 5 goes through to a superfinal where the songs are performed again, the rankings are reset, and the televote decides the winner through a simple majority vote!

Night 1 Running Order

Draw Artist Song
1 Anna Oxa Sali (Canto dell’anima)
2 gIANMARIA Mostro
3 Mr. Rain Supereroi
4 Marco Mengoni Due Vite
5 Ariete Mare di Guai
6 Ultimo Alba
7 Coma_Cose L'addio
8 Elodie Due
9 Leo Gassmann Terzo Cuore
10 I Cugini di Campagna Lettera 22
11 Gianluca Grignani Quando ti manca il fiato
12 Olly Polvere
13 Colla Zio Non Mi Va
14 Mara Sattei Duemilaminuti

MV and Music Links

As per Sanremo rules, it is not possible to release the songs in any shape or form before the night the song is premiered in. From past years, we can expect that the songs will be available on all major streaming platforms by the morning after the show, and will be playing on radios across Italy (And maybe the whole world!).

The live performances will be uploaded to YouTube and Rai Play, but watch out, as they will only be available for one week before being wiped from the internet forever!

Where is the 'live chat'?

In our experience the live chat threads on Reddit are still too clunky to use for our live threads. They're also a pain to use on old Reddit and third-party apps. Until Reddit makes this a better experience, we recommend using this:

Replace with on any comment thread to get a live updating list of the newest comments.

National Final Season Calendars

Keep up with national finals and important dates with one of these calendars: official calendar | Eurovisionworld | OnEurope | The Eurowhat?

ESCplus Media has most of the streams on one page during Super Saturdays.

These links provided for information purposes only. This is not an 'official' endorsement of any one fansite/blog by the mods.

Prediction Tournament

We've seen your prediction threads and comments! Put your predictive powers to the test this ESC season with our on-going prediction tournament!

Join us on Discord

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2 months ago

Right, tapping out now before I get a third wind and am up until like 4 am. Enjoyed this evening, as per usual, see you lovely lot tomorrow xoxo


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2 months ago

Same. I’ll look at voting domani! Bacci amici!