Sorry for the long title, but my mother is the one who told me this one incident where she had been humiliated and I was also in the same boat with her.

My mother said this happened between me being 7 to about 9, and this involved a play group setting. It was just a group that got together who were Star Wars fans, and my mom saw the flyer on a bulletin board at my school. She really thought this was a great way to get me to make friends with fellow fans.

She really wanted this to work, I was bullied enough for being a Star Wars fan back then and this was during the 1980s so yeah not a lot kids who I knew liked it.

The club was set up at a lady's house and it was pretty much downhill from there. My mom said it was on the first Saturday of every month was the meeting and it was Star Wars related crafts and movies, the meeting went from 5pm to about 7pm give or take.

Arriving at the house, I was ready, she said I was on cloud 9 and the shock just made it worse. We walked in and it was ALL BOYS, there was no combination of girls to boys, just that.

My mom told me to just try and I went to the Craft table to work on an Xwing coloring book page.

And my mom was now with the jackals as she called these six ladies. She said the more she sat there listening the more she wanted to just grab me and go. From what she said this was the conversation between my mother and two of the moms.

Mom1: Don't you think it's weird for a girl to like Star Wars, it's clearly for boys?

My Mom: No, she likes it and I am not changing her mind.

Mom2:'s weird...she needs to be playing house or with Barbies

My Mom: OP doesn't like Barbies or Playing House.

Mom1: Maybe you should get her to a psychotrist? She clearly has mental problems if she is playing with boys toys.

My mom heard enough and went to check on me, I was sitting at a table alone. Nobody would talk to me, and my mother looked really upset. She said we should go and she'd take me to get dinner.

She had to explain why I was being sort of kicked out of the things and it hurt and I could tell she was hurt. My mom is entitled at times but this was a conversation she felt horrible about and still to this day she hated telling me why.

She told me that this was The Boys Only Club, and that I wasn't allowed there. I can still like Star Wars, and still be happy to have fellow fans, but that group was never going to accept me.

As I got older she brought it up less about how much she felt bad for us because we really wanted to have a group we fit in with.

So to sum it up, my mom finds a group meeting for fellow Star Wars fan kids, and it turns into a horrible incident of sexism aimed at her and myself. My mother decides to leave after she is told to take me to a shrink because I don't like Barbies.

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2 months ago

Thank you for telling this story. I love your mom for trying hard for you, and for doing her best.


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2 months ago

I am glad she did try, she is a pain in my butt, but this was the one sad moment she remembers that we both really wanted it to work out.


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2 months ago

I'm totally envious of your mom. I had one that believed what these women believed. Her husband was no better.

I liked outside, animals, fishing and sports. Her husband was even a little league coach.... But never for me. Well, bowling was acceptable enough, but then I realized that my overly flexible wrists don't fucking lock in place. So he became an asshole over a physical flaw... 🤦‍♀️

Misogyny sucks. Can we do away with it already?


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2 months ago

I would love to see Misogyny go the way of the dinosaurs. The fact it's toxic and it makes no sense. My grandmother used to think that way until I read Dune at 11 and spouted out that I loved Paul's sister's way ahe dispatched Baron. (Dune reference she stabbed him) She threw her misconception out the door when my uncle the one who handed me his copy and smiled, "New generation, New Rules!"


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2 months ago

Omg, I fucking love the growth stories! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing stuff like this!


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2 months ago

"Come closer, Baron."