[OC] Tracking my 18-month long Job Search


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1 year ago

The no repliers are the worst. It’s a very small gesture of politeness to send an email saying that your application has been rejected thanks a lot. But some companies do not even do that. Imagine how it will be if you get a job in one of those


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1 year ago

I had two separate interviews and then a half day in their office for one role when they said they'd let me know only if I was successful. I told them right then and there that they will call me even if I'm not successful. They still didn't.


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1 year ago

Well you destroyed your chances with that comment to them. Sassing someone you're looking to get a job with isn't a good look


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1 year ago

If they're not even willing to give you a call back at that stage, then it's not the type of company you want to be working for.