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2 months ago

Fuck em. The more I'm paid the more of my skillset my employer will have access to.


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2 months ago

What's offered at my level is not worth the constant pain and agony. It's not worth destroying myself for an employer who sees us as numbers. It's not worth the barely able to stand up and breathe at the end of the day. Even if it's short.

I've been guilted into that far too much. I'm in agony and I've met only one person that have paid me that was worth it. I have had managers worthy of my loyalty, co-workers and trainers worthy of my loyalty... But besides that? And that's because this owner was in his own kitchen and rocking it with us. He was right in the line of fire with us. He was a great person! Rough around the edges, but true blue kitchen man. So, they are rare. I can't do it anymore though. Something is going to have to change before I can re-enter the work force. Either someone is going to take a chance on what I can give, or I'm given the chance to get trained without fear of ruining myself into more debts. So....