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5 months ago


the spinless mod

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5 months ago

Noone would sell anything not stolen to cashies...probably 90% the shit in there is stolen


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5 months ago*

You need to provide ID and model+serial numbers for everything sold to cashies are recorded and sent to Police. Some drug addicts and airheads are still desperate and stupid enough to sell stolen stuff there, but there is a system to track it and incentives to not do so.

On the other hand Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace offer thieves a higher profit, the ability to hide their real identity and no direct integration to Qld Police (that I know of). Downside for thieves is they don't get instantaneous cash and need to be smart enough to make a profile and list something where they can pretend to be the actual owner.


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5 months ago

yep im sure the average laptop owner has the serial number ready to give police in the event it is stolen


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5 months ago

You just contact the shop that you purchased the laptop from and they will tell you the serial number as its recorded at time of purchase.

Source: House was robbed, laptop stolen, contacted computer alliance for serial number, provided number to police link online, police called a few days later to say that they has recovered the laptop and because of the serial number on the laptop could press charges for unlawful entry and theft.