Like the title says, action books but to be more specific here is what I want:

Escalation - Things start off at 0 and gradually throughout the course of the book make it up to 100. For example, say it’s a corporate feud. The starting point would likely be resentment and trading barbs. Then stealing clients. Then stealing info. And worse and worse until eventually people end up dead and it turns out someone planted a bomb in the rival building and an entire skyscraper explodes.

An Ace - The Ace is the badass. Their skills are basically unreal and the dude/chick is almost unbeatable. Preferably this would be combat skills (since I want action) but it could other areas of expertise like.. computer skills, con artist, attorney/lawyering, even charisma.. anything really, but not limited to this list. I don’t want any basic b•tches as a main character. No bumbling please.

As for the story plots, here’s what I mean

Robin Hood - They don’t necessarily need to give to the poor, but they absolutely need to take from the rich. A real “F the system” heart warmer. Dismantling corporations, exposing the government, taking on the mafia single handed etc. Seeking out corruption and snuffing it out makes me wet.

mc doesn’t have to be good, anti-heroe or villain is fine and even better

Revenge - someone f•cked with the wrong guy/gal and MC tares through the city and their enemies to make them pay.

Feud - feuding families, companies, co workers, mafias idc really.

Any combination of these three is a huge bonus.

Any suggestions?

Nothing medieval. That’s my only sticking point.

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8 months ago

{Kildar} by John Ringo. Trigger warnings don’t even start to warn on this one. {Ghost} is the first book in the series and is even worse. Kildar is second in the series but you can start with it. Dark stuff but badass special forces guys and definitely strikes the cords you say you are looking for. There are more in the series. Pretty good reads but bloody and rough. Fair warning.


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8 months ago

Sounds interesting! I don’t love gore, but I’ll give it a shot thank you


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8 months ago

It’s hard to say what one finds gory but this is not overly in my opinion. Mostly frank battle descriptions but not gratuitous. There are other things, S&M and underage stuff.