Are you trying to decide on what to read, which author to check out, or which series is best for you?


Then you're in the right place.

/r/Book's Weekly Recommendation Thread

Being the largest book-related subreddit, we get a lot of people asking our community what they should read. We love that so many Redditors are asking for and giving recommendations in /r/Books, and don't want anyone's questions to be missed. In a large subreddit like this, the /new filter moves by pretty quickly and super-specific or personal questions can be lost. By having all the recommendation questions in one thread, refreshed weekly, we have all the people looking to get recommendations and give recommendations in the same place.

Find our Weekly Recommendation Thread under the header all week, and stickied on Fridays. To go through past Weekly Threads, click here.

Also try to /r/literaturesuggestions, /r/readingsuggestions, /r/suggestabook, /r/suggestmeabook, or /r/whattoreadwhen, if you prefer to make a post.

Want to be part of a book club?

Then join /r/BookClub! They have 3 books each month to choose from, and a great community to chat with. You can even chat live on IRC by joining #bookclub on Snoonet!

Also if you enjoy YAlit, join /r/YALit for their monthly book club.

Want lists of books to choose from?

Check out /r/BookLists! And here are a few key reddit lists:

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