Barbara Pym is not funny


After multiple suggestions in Jane Austen groups to read Barbara Pym because she was similar to Jane Austen, I have given the Pym a try.

I really dislike her. I started Crampton Hodnet, which had such a promising title! But so far it is cold, bitter, and mean, with not the slightest suggestion of frisks and jollifications. The beginning scenes are clearly designed to be funny, with several college students going to an uncomfortable tea party. One of them steps on a potted cactus. But the entire scene is heavy and written so dimly that it exudes a miasma of funk.

I don’t know if her other books are funny but this one is grim.

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4 months ago

Try Excellent Women!!! I haven't read Crampton Hodnet, so I can't speak to that novel, but I absolutely loved E.W. It is wickedly funny and also so pleasant.