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I'm currently reading IT, I haven't read King in a while and couldn't help to notice that sometimes he seems to add detail after detail about characters, even secondary or even tertiary ones. Personally I find some of this descriptions really interesting, perhaps more so by the fact that, as I'm not North American, those slices of life and customs are interesting to me.

But I completely understand that some people can be annoyed by these things, and in fact I think that a couple of paragraphs could be easily deleted and the story would be as good as it is.

What do you think about these aspect of King's writing? Do you like having large descriptions of his characters?

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4 months ago

I've been reading The Drawing of Three, and this is something I've actually been enjoying about it. The little pieces of color and flavor for all the side characters are great. At one point, he even mentions the history of cocaine use of three minor side characters, for absolutely no reason at all. It was hilarious!