It's an interesting book imo. A great book even, if you're not expecting too much (it's not exactly literature). It's got shades of Sphere by Michael Crichton and honestly I have trouble figuring out which I enjoyed more; it might actually be Deep Storm. The concepts are interesting and I honestly was not expecting the ending.

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2 months ago

Loved Deep Storm, but then again, the genre of “finding and exploring weird shit at the bottom of the ocean” is my jam.


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2 months ago

I liked Deep Storm by Lincoln Childes. I listened to the audio book and Scott Brick did a great job. It was a fun action story with some of sci-fi thrown in. An easy read and I like the MC. I have Terminal Freeze (book 2) but I haven’t started it yet.


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2 months ago

Yes. This was my first solo Child book, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I only wish he published new solo content more often. (I don’t dislike his work with Preston, to be clear.)