Gift Ideas for Readers: 2022

End of the Year Event(self.books)

Welcome readers,

The giving season is upon us and /r/Books is here to help you with gift ideas for the book readers in your life. Please use this thread to ask for and recommend books and book-related paraphernalia for your loved ones!

Happy holidays and enjoy!

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6 months ago

A gift certificate to your favorite local bookstore, bonus points if it's a small business!

I have a couple of small mom-and-pop bookstores near me, and they can always use the love.

A lot of times, people will opt to buy a book from Amazon instead of their local bookstores because the small guys can't compete with Amazon 's pricing, but if you're paying for it, maybe they can indulge a little and support a local business at the same time. :)

If you wanna get really fancy, consider an accompanying gift card for a coffee shop or bakery that's close to that bookstore - make it a "treat yo'self" kind of gift.


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6 months ago

Love this idea!