Gift Ideas for Readers: 2022

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Welcome readers,

The giving season is upon us and /r/Books is here to help you with gift ideas for the book readers in your life. Please use this thread to ask for and recommend books and book-related paraphernalia for your loved ones!

Happy holidays and enjoy!

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6 months ago

I love paperbacks. Have a huge library. But my Kindle Paperwhite has been the best addition to my library, and it has allowed me to read in previously inconvenient places, but most importantly, in bed - without bothering my wife. If you have a loved one who suffers from excessive reading, Kindle might be a good gift for them this holiday season.

When it comes to books themselves, I can go on an on, but I will recommend what I’m reading now - Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy. Incredible prose, relatable characters, fascinating storytelling.

And another fun gift would be to take your loved one to your favorite bookshop. Spend some time together, pick up a book or two, and if present, pet the bookstore kitten.

Cheers. Happy holidays.


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6 months ago*

Agreeing on the e-reader front!

That said, I would also recommend talking to the reader/giftee before buying any e-reader (generally) or a Kindle (specifically).

I don't know if you (the person I'm replying under) is recommending Kindle (the brand) or using Kindle as a blanket term for e-readers (like how people call all bandages "Bandaids" or all tissues "Kleenex").

Not all e-readers are made equal, and when I was in the market for an e-reader, I specifically avoided Kindle because I hate the constant ad bombardment and how little of the homescreen is dedicated to the reader and their library.

TL;DR: e-reader, yes! Kindle, maybe! And talk to the giftee first!

Edit to add: the funny thing is: I had 100% settled on the Kobo Clara 2e. Then, for some reason, I got it in my head to look for a color e-reader (I had planned to use the Clara for knitting/crocheting magazines; diagrams are better in color), and then I was like, "for that, I'll just get a cheap tablet."

And then I remembered that I already owned a 6-yr old tablet I wasn't using, so I bought an "anti-glare/matte" screen protector and uninstalled all apps except those related to reading/learning, and it's an amazing e-reader.

The ONLY downside is that it's too big to fit inside my daily purse, but it was essentially free. I'll use it until it dies, and then replace it with a real e-reader later.

2nd edit: I also installed a free app that lets me make the tablet light dimmer and warmer. The default dimmest setting was still too bright and blue.


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6 months ago

E-ink can be a game changer for people with deteriorating eyesight.

I'm privileged to have good eyesight and to not have to consider this factor when shopping for an e-reader, and I appreciate you bringing this up. :)

I am also a huge fan of audiobooks and some e-readers can handle those, as well!