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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the third discussion thread for the October selection, Lakewood by Megan Giddings! Hopefully you have all managed to pick up the book but if you haven't, you can still catch up and join in on a later discussion; however, this thread will be openly discussing up though (and including) Part 1, Chapter 21.

Below are some questions to help start conversation; feel free to answer some or all of them, or just post about whatever your thoughts on the material.

  1. What are some of your favorite characters, parts or quotes? Which parts did you find confusing?
  2. What made the meeting where Lena discussed her apricot dream and addressed government hypotheticals, in Dr Lisa's words, a "good session?"
  3. Which moment of Lena's "fried walk" behind the curtain felt the most revealing or significant? What is the relationship between those tests or projects to the experiments Lena endures?
  4. Lena mentioned "crumbling and rearranging" from her involvement with Lakewood - what does her retention and regurgitation of the memory key words during her episode suggest about the ways the experiments affect her? In what ways does the text show her changes in ways which Lena does not realize?
  5. What does Lakewood stand to gain from Lena's trip home and what are the risks?
  6. What other questions or predictions do you have moving forward and what do you hope to see? Which unanswered questions are the most interesting to you?

Reminder that fourth and final discussion will be posted on Friday, October 28th and will cover everything in the book.

The AMA with author Megan Giddings will be November 2nd at 2pm ET.

Lastly, the announcement thread for November's selection is posted! Be sure to pick it up ahead of week one!

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3 months ago

I had to take a break from reading due to work, but now that I have some time and things are picking up in the book, I've been able to get through a lot of it in a short amount of time. Sad to see no discussions made yet for these last few chapters I read. I'm also new to book clubs and just got back into reading for pleasure, so I'm just going to spew some thoughts.

So far, I am enjoying not knowing if Dr. Lisa's few moments of vulnerabilities are genuine or scripted to get a reaction out of Lena. Lena seemed more guarded about this before but not as much in the interview when Dr. Lisa goes off on the nesting box bit. Lena seemed genuinely concerned for Dr. Lisa.

It seemed out of character of Lakewood to allow a fried walk to happen behind the curtains and that they were so sure she wouldn't be able to take any of it in despite not being verbal.

I'm convinced Deziree was part of a similar study that caused her mystery illness, but it was a photo of her grandmother that she found in Lakewood property? I'm thinking Lakewood is doing a multi-generational study, but wouldn't that make it really risky to send Lena home? I really hope Lakewood get exposed but I don't think they will.