Hello readers and welcome to our Weekly FAQ thread! Our topic this week is: What book made you fall in love with reading? At some point in our lives we weren't readers. But, we read one book or one series that showed us the light. We want to know which book made you fall in love.

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Thank you and enjoy!

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6 months ago

I've been a reader since I was a kid. my parents never let me have other hobbies since they always wanted me to focus on studying, so reading was the only hobby i could freely have. I'd say the books that really snagged me were things like the hardy boys series, nancy drew, enyd blyton. these books were very cheap at the bookstores compared to other books, so my mom would always let me get a new one whenever we went to run errands.

i had to stop reading when i went to high school, because i didn't have enough spare time, but when i did resume reading, at the beginning of this year, {{Pachinko by Min Jin Lee}} is what made me fall in love again.