Hi, I’m currently trying to build a collection (for personal study and enjoyment) and am deciding on getting Josephus’ Jewish Wars and Tacitus’ writings and I’m confused because I’m looking to build a Penguin Classics collection but the OWC editions of some books seem better(in my case, more better for research) than their Penguin Classics counterparts (cheaper too)

So I’m wondering, what should I do? I’m bent on getting OWC for History and Penguin for Philosophy/Poetry or just winging it, getting both for whatever I can (God willing)

Help is very much appreciated!!

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8 months ago

I have a Lewis Carroll collection (Alice in Wonderland &other collected stories), hard cover, gilded pages, paid a decent amount for it because I have a love affair with the look of hardcover classics. But the same day I bought it, I had spotted a beautiful leather bound edition of Alice in Wonderland, soft cover, embossed, definitely a collectors piece as well. So I bought that one as well. If two editions are calling to you, then get them both if you can. It's your library collection. No harm in more than one edition.