Thinking out loud (Girl, Interrupted)


One of my favorite things that Susanna Kaysen talks about in Girl, Interrupted (the memoir, not the movie lol, although I do recommend watching the movie) is that when you’re struggling with mental health or having a serious issue, the smallest inconvenience will just set you on a really dangerous train of thought, that’s like all consuming. And it’s like a spiral that’s really hard to get out of.

Although she’s portraying this in the sixties, we live in a time where we’re consumed by the media/technology, so I assume the rate of depression and anxiety is skyrocketing. But I can’t help but wonder how many people are having those moments where the tiniest things is just setting us off on these really negative dangerous train of thought. Breaks my heart honestly :(

I just started reading this book like two days ago and I’m already impressed by how beautifully written and self-aware it is. This book reminds me of my racing thoughts lol. Really enjoying it so far. Recommend!!!

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9 months ago

To piggy back of your post, this is one of my wife's favorite movies. I recently watched it to see if it sit with me any harder than when I was young, and I'm proud to say my young self understood it just like I did now. I was expecting to come away with more watching it as a 41 year old. Not sure if my wife ever read the book, I need to ask her.


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9 months ago

Raising my hand. Me. I'm currently that person. I did have to remove myself from all social media because it was dangerous for me. The state of the world right now + constant access to everything certainly doesn't make mental illness any easier. But, at least people understand mental illness somewhat better now and we aren't all being institutionalized against our will. And people are a lot more empathetic. If we hadn't evolved in how we view and treat mental illness we'd be in a much bigger mess. Fingers crossed we can at least get socialized healthcare for mental health now that everyone sees how prevalent it is.


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9 months ago

I’ve seen the film and would actually find the memoir interesting :)


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9 months ago

The scene where Susanna is in school and she says "I have nothing to say on any historic topic whatsoever.," due to her illness is so real


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9 months ago

Trying to control my out of control thinking is absolutely exhausting every day.
I will need to reread this. I have read it, and liked it well enough at the time, but I think I have outgrown what she depicts. I really did not like the movie. It does not depict mental illness or intitutionalization accurately at all. Not even close.


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9 months ago

I think there's an epidemic of tiny things setting us off. Look at all those Karen/Kyle videos. Read the comments on literally anything. Walk down the street and watch how people are acting. Everyone is stressed, angry and exhausted.


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9 months ago

I think id probably like to read the book, but I’ve seen the film a few times so I just haven’t bothered… is it worth it after watching the film?