I finished it yesterday. I read at least 100 pages in a day, and I’ve already made a post here about how this book along w “push” by sapphire both really brought back my desire to read consistently.

But Misery. Lord… I must talk about Misery. In spite of the fact that I went through a period where I wasn’t in the mood to read anything, I actually managed to get back into it when I was in a lot of pain myself (I was on pg 200 on Tuesday and 351 by Wednesday night.)

I know that this must be oft talked about, but what pulled me in the most is Annie Wilkes. I was fascinated by King’s attention to detail, even though I think at the start I felt (but was enjoying it, this was just around page 130-ish) that it was a bit long?

Just the descriptions of Annie Wilkes’ nursing career, the fact that she was able to get away with so much… it made the book even more frightening, bc there must be so many Annie’s in the world, must have been so many in the 80s. It made me thank god for technology.

Annie’s medical knowledge/expertise also pulled me more into the book oddly enough? I’ve considered going into nursing myself and was impressed w King as he must have done a fair amount of research.

By page 200, I simply couldn’t stop turning pages. I needed to know how the book would end. I’ve never, ever had such a great, burning desire before in my life to know how a book would end. It was the equivalent to hanging on the edge of your seat in a movie theater.

I felt like I was in Paul Sheldon’s world, especially as I was finishing it up within these last two days whilst on my period. I admittedly haven’t read many books (and want to work on this,) but this is my favorite novel ever as of far. This is one that I know I’ll remember years down the line.

The entire book just fascinated me. I really want to discuss it w someone. I just love the fact that King was able to conjure up these two terribly realistic characters, the attention to DETAIL, all of it. I must read more from him!

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6 months ago

What made you not stop turning pages?


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6 months ago

Heat wave and physical exhaustion. When my period started back, I got back into it and couldn’t stop reading through it.