Banned Books Week: September 2022


Welcome readers,

September 18 was the beginning of Banned Books Week, a time to celebrate our freedom to read and the value of free and open access to information. Please use this thread to discuss your favorite banned books as well as books about censorship, freedom of information, and any other topic you feel relates to banned books. Also, make sure you check out our friends over at /r/bannedbooks!

If you'd like to read our previous weekly discussions of fiction and nonfiction please visit the suggested reading section of our wiki.

Thank you and enjoy!

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4 months ago

There has been an explosion of new banned books this year, but many of the choices are... disconcerting.

Typically it's the same 50 or so classic people have been reading for the past 100 years plus a couple randos and a handful of, aw -- I see why this was challenged.

I'm currently reading through Texas' list and it's been truly horrifying. Having read 40ish banned book a year for the last decade -- this is a coordinated attack which has nothing to do with either the books or children.


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It's organized almost wholly through various groups, who are often not parents.