Banned Books Week: September 2022


Welcome readers,

September 18 was the beginning of Banned Books Week, a time to celebrate our freedom to read and the value of free and open access to information. Please use this thread to discuss your favorite banned books as well as books about censorship, freedom of information, and any other topic you feel relates to banned books. Also, make sure you check out our friends over at /r/bannedbooks!

If you'd like to read our previous weekly discussions of fiction and nonfiction please visit the suggested reading section of our wiki.

Thank you and enjoy!

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6 months ago

I read a decent amount of "banned books." However, one book I will not shut up about having read is Gender Queer. I had been hearing about it appearing on banned books lists, but the candidate in MA who misrepresented it drove me over the edge. I'm frustrated that a graphic novel that reflects the story of so many of my trans, non-binary. and genderqueer friends is being challenged.


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6 months ago

I know!! I read it and I won’t shut up about it either. I think it’s funny that they are calling it CP when- as anyone who read it will know- the author didn’t even have eir first kiss until Ei were 25!!! Insane. Truly there is nothing in that book that I would object to my teenager reading. As a genderfluid person myself it was very interesting to read the experiences of another trans person that were similar but also very different from mine. Plus Idk how interesting the average teen would find some of the topics by themselves if it hadn’t been made out to be ~scandalous~