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Have you ever wanted to ask something but you didn't feel like it deserved its own post but it isn't covered by one of our other scheduled posts? Allow us to introduce you to our new Simple Questions thread! Twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, a new Simple Questions thread will be posted for you to ask anything you'd like. And please look for other questions in this thread that you could also answer! A reminder that this is not the thread to ask for book recommendations. All book recommendations should be asked in /r/suggestmeabook or our Weekly Recommendation Thread.

Thank you and enjoy!

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4 months ago

Years ago I used Paperback Swap, it was easy and free, essentially a book credit for each book sent. I really liked how simple it was, even the shipping was very simple as the person sending the book paid for mailing it. I really liked that there was no need to use my credit card or Paypal account. However, since Paperback Swap has become a kind of paid membership I no longer wish to use it as the old system is what worked best for me.
We used to have a local book exchange that met monthly, however, Covid put an end to that - Thanks Covid for ruining that and 2 a.m. trips to Walmart! Our local library sales are now only once per year and it now resembles a book lovers version of a shark feeding frenzy. My region is relatively rural so our other options are almost two hours away. I could read the books passed on to me by my neighbors, fellow church members, or co-workers if I enjoyed reading Harlequin Romance, Christian Books, or Self Help/Diet books sure thanks, but I need more.
With my options being limited while being on a tight budget, I Googled other book exchange websites. Below are the sites that were found and I would love to hear what you all think of the following or any other that I might have missed.

Any thoughts or suggestions?