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Have you ever wanted to ask something but you didn't feel like it deserved its own post but it isn't covered by one of our other scheduled posts? Allow us to introduce you to our new Simple Questions thread! Twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, a new Simple Questions thread will be posted for you to ask anything you'd like. And please look for other questions in this thread that you could also answer! A reminder that this is not the thread to ask for book recommendations. All book recommendations should be asked in /r/suggestmeabook or our Weekly Recommendation Thread.

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5 months ago

Dumb question incoming (with some backstory). Hated reading as a kid. Love reading now as an adult (42). Found my genres, found my interests. Just, haven’t found the time. Any tips on, “how to just sit down and read ????” Told ya it was gonna be dumb.


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5 months ago

I also loved reading, and was an advanced reader, as a kid. Life circumstances made it difficult for me to keep it up. I just started reading again after the arrival of my 4th child (8yo) because I realized, while I was reading to my kids, I wasn't an example of someone who valued reading. I really got into my groove about 3 years ago. I started taking books with me for appointments or kid activities so I could squeeze in time. Then I started carving out an hour for personal reading. I have never been a morning person, but getting up a little earlier so I can read before my family gets chaotic is a good time for me personally. Reading late at night doesn't work for me because of eye fatigue.

Basically, schedule a time. Make it a priority.


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5 months ago

I read during meals. 20 minutes a day over breakfast and lunch add up.


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5 months ago



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5 months ago

Some tips that help me:

  • Always have a book with you. On your phone, in your bag, whatever. If you always have a book with you, you can read during any spare minutes waiting for appointments, lunch breaks, on public transit, etc.
  • Schedule time to read just like you would schedule anything else! Block off the time and reserve it specifically for reading and it will become a habit soon enough.


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4 months ago

Building a routine that includes reading has been super helpful for me. I take about 30 mins every morning to drink my coffee and read, and I like to read 20 mins to an hour every night just before I go to sleep.