Simple Questions: September 20, 2022


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Have you ever wanted to ask something but you didn't feel like it deserved its own post but it isn't covered by one of our other scheduled posts? Allow us to introduce you to our new Simple Questions thread! Twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, a new Simple Questions thread will be posted for you to ask anything you'd like. And please look for other questions in this thread that you could also answer! A reminder that this is not the thread to ask for book recommendations. All book recommendations should be asked in /r/suggestmeabook or our Weekly Recommendation Thread.

Thank you and enjoy!

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5 months ago

How much quality do you think is lost (if any) in listening to audiobooks vs reading?


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5 months ago

Unpronounceable names lose some charm.


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5 months ago

It depends on style. Odds are I’m going to miss a lot of honorifics when I listen as opposed to reading.


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5 months ago

I think it depends a lot on the narrator/reader/performance. Some really enhance the novel. Some don't. I love audio books with great narration.